My Shape and Pattern tutorial is out :D!

I have now created another material course, but this time it’s a deep dive in to how you should think to create shapes and patterns from just ordinary math nodes!

I will go through all aspects of shape creation like scaling, duplicating, masking, moving, rotating, creating offsets and unique index, animation and of course what type of math to use to create all those shapes.

I will only use math nodes in this course, so you can take the techniques I use directly in to whatever tool you want that creates shape and make it work as soon as you know that tools UI. As an example I have one session where I transform GLSL in to Blender Nodes so you can see the similarities.

So…almost 6 hours teaching about how to create Shapes and patterns and wit more than 40+ .blend files to dig in to :smiley:

… ohh… and you don’t need to know math. I will clear things out even if that part scares you :).
So…jump right in to my world of noodling :smiley:

(Here is a promotion link that will last for five days):
Blender path to procedural pattern


I’ll definitely snag that your previous course was a huge help to me! :grin:

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