My sheep... new scene on last page.

Whell, my expeiment in making fur with alpha texture has produced… wool.
So i have put it on a sheep…

Work heavily in progress. I have to remove seams, improve the wool, make my first attempt in UV mapping the sheep face an legs, create a scene…

I’ll take it slowly!!!

Comments, suggestion and crits are welcome, of course!

THe black sheep in the family eh :smiley: ? looking good that’s an awsome model. Did you model that or did you get it from a site. The only crit I could give is that you might want to add some more layers to that wool to make it look more wooly

Hi Jackblack!
Yeah, the black sheep, maybe i am… :smiley:

Right for the layers, i think i will add one or two… now they are only three and rendertime is under 1 minute.

The ship is my work. It takes me a lot to model!
The fist model of the sheep (and of the previous version of fur/whool too) is in my little gallery at Sixmonkeys

Cool modelling! The fur is great too!

Thanks!!! This is very encouraging!!! :smiley:

fur is ok, model is cool, now you must work on the skin :slight_smile: your model deserves a great texture :smiley:

nice fur, i really like it, but the sheep looks a bit strange :stuck_out_tongue:

The eyes are looking good, and I think I figured out how you did the wool too:

  1. copy mesh to be wooled
  2. delete verts in copy not to be wooled
  3. Alt+S scale a little
  4. fractle subdevide a little
  5. apply wood texture to alpha
  6. repeat, but scale more on step three

am i close? :wink:


Hi, thanks efbie!

about the strange sheep f41t3r, i agree with you, but i’m not able to see what exactely makes her strange… maybe the ears, or the legs… what do you thik it is? I would like to solve this. Thanks for the comment!

Hi JordanK! Yes, very very close.
I subdivided only the last (external) copy but not with fractal.
Every level has two image textures for wool ( apha), and a stucci for bumpmap and displacement. the inner ones are more little, textures and shape too are scaled. Texture is the same, the old one! Plus a new one , that is"softer". Scaling is with the fatten function (alt-s).

The making of this is quite similar to the old one.

Now, time to start working on uv mapping…

Good stuff! I like your avatar, too. I’m really impressed with how quickly you’ve gotten good at modeling…
I think with quite a bit of work, you’ll likely be one of the next great talents in the Blender community :wink:

Thanks paroneayea… i need --> a lot <-- of work to become a decent modeler!
The avatar is the very first char i made in Blender.
It has no osa, no subsurf on last spheres… but it’s my first creature %|

Now, a little update: my first uv mapping!
I also changed the head shape, it was too short and curved.
And the eyes were too rounded.

Legs and ears UV mapping are still missing.

Great model, needs better lighting.

A little update, a scene!
Thanks Dittohead, i’ve worked on light too, i have added some colored ones too, to make the sheep match with the photo on background (the photo is from a cd, not my stuff).

Comments and crits welcome!

And a full size one:

ok, but it feel like the sheep is paste on a photo, maybe wrong lighting match? Also you should get some shadow on the ground from these legs.

nice :smiley:

nice :smiley:


Agree about the shadow, i will put them.
The jpg picture looks quite different from the original… it seems corrupted. Especially the full size one. I think i’ll come back to png format, trying to keep pictures small just not to destroy bandwith.

Bye! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Please, dont’ look at my english…

great stuff, you should model a real scene in blender though… that would work… for me this doesn’t.

  • emk

I wasn’t satisfied with the first scene, so i have started playing with lights and changed the bg photo.

the result is colourful :slight_smile:

Now i think i should better go on with the Blender guide and finish some older projects that i have left…
i don’t know if i’m going to keep on the sheep too.
Time is limited and school exams are getting closer… :frowning:

héhéyyyyyy cool…
I Like your idea, sheep, nature, simple, and efficient… cool :wink:
I thinks the last image is too contrasted… and yellow and orange are too saturate…

Good luke for the suite