My shift keys are swapped. How to switch back to normal?

Okay so this randomly happened and Im not sure what I did. Of course you know that there are two shift keys on your keyboard. It seams mine have been switched.

For example Lets say I want to add an object. Normally I would LEFTSHIFT + a. But instead it selects everything.
Another example would be to reset the 3d cursor. Normally it would be LEFTSHIFT + c. But instead it dose somthing different. :spin:

Now adding an object or resetting the cursor will work if I use the RIGHTSHIFT key. Anyways you can see how frusturating that can be. Any Ideas on how to fix this? :confused:

Turn your computer off and back on again
Restart blender
File / Load Factory settings

Things don’t generally happen at random. What were you doing when this magical change ocurred
What were you fiddling about with
Are you using weird keyboard layout
What other programs running in the background

We also don’t know basic info, OS, blender version, custom shortcuts etc etc

OS LinuxMint17
Blender 2.76
No custom shortcuts or weird keyboard layouts.
No other programs running in the background other then Firefox.
I’m running a Razer gaming keyboard.

I did do a Load Factory settings, it didnt work. But I’ll also try a restart.

Okay so I switched keyboards It works for adding objects but It wont work for resetting the cursor.