My short 3d animation movie is finished!

Hello friends…blenderians!

My short animation made in blender is ready to present you!

You can see it at

My new short is ready, take a look at:
RIcardo Graça

Where exactly is it on your site ?

… Also the English option either doesn’t work or is very slow to activate.


Sorry, dude, after waiting ten minutes while your site loaded, my ADHD kicked in. Seriously, put in a more direct link. I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time and energy on your site, but that’s part of the problem. Show me the animation, not your website.

muy bueno, Ricardo. LOL-he should have taken the bus! And just like a woman, to not appreciate what he went through.

Just look for the other picture with the main character in it, it’s the video, it says Animacao and TV right above it. Perhaps Flash wasn’t a great international choice because we can’t use a translation service to see it in our native language, but I don’t ever hear about people complaining about english only flash sites, other than the fact that it is flash, never about the english.

On the proper note though, I think it is a pretty cool video. I really like it. Some of the lighting seems off, but the eyes are great, and the character animation is pretty good, if a bit robotic and somewhat repetitive at times. The turd monster doesn’t really look like he fits with the rest of the scene he is in, but that could be for effect? The girl is hilarious, and the way her hair bounces is great, but it does get a little choppy when she shakes her head real fast. It also looks like the boy has some artifacts around him at different points, perhaps for effect, or possibly from compositing. Also the green mountain looks kinda funny from afar maybe it should be less in focus?

All in all, I think it’s a great animation. The boys voice makes me laugh every time the girl says “boo!” and he screams.

Ok folks! thanks you all! Your opinion is very important to me!

well I put it at youtube:


Learn to draw!

Get you a nice drawing book with proportions and persepective and learn!

You are 18 ? hoked some frineds wanna do animation for hobby or profesion ? get you all a good drawing learn period and hook with all on the “Traditional” art zone for critics :wink:

Not assalting the tread!

You must learn the draw,perfective,the point of focus,the composition,fluidity,sense of proportion and sense of form and the sense of color!

I have sense of color,perspective,point of focus,composition,fluidity but there is always a big but!

Not good sesnse of proportion and form thats why i keep draw until i get in to it then my 3d work will loock astonishing like my imagintion in my head!

Nice video but robotic and without feel of motion overall

And your character head proportion is off a little the back from face must bee egal!

Bechose the proportions are a little off your character end to be a little dull and without no emotion in them!

Learn the draw then draw a total scenario on papare then retinck the story then draw another story do it for 3 times and from differnet point of thinking than yours.

Think you are 5 years old and you se your work you say after seeing “Finding Nemo” ahh this is “a crap” why ?

Tom and Jerry are old but not crap bechouse of feelings that represents them!

Sorry i`m to hard on you but you must go to the Hart WAY to make you to the top!

Hi guys thanks you all about the replies!!!

I’m back here to show you my new short movie with blender:

I’m wainting your new replies.

I enjoyed it…I like how all of your scenes are complete. In that I mean there are always enough props to make it believable. What needs work is the modeling and the animation.


That psycho ward movie of yours was actually kinda scary. Nice job. I seond what the guy above me said too.