My Short Film (Updated: New Webpage and Animation)

I’m trying to make this short film for a scholarship.

You can check out the characters below in the link, which is in my signature:

I’d guess that means no comments then eh? At least tell me if my link works! One of the 51 viewers so far!?

Do I need a picture to attract people? :smiley:

No, you don’t need pics to attract people, you just need to be patient. :wink: It can typically take more than 6 hours before you get a reply in any forum.

Some nice images. Don’t have time to DL the anim tests right now. I really like the fish character, The great use of SPEC map on the fish really make sit look good.


Thanks man, patience is a CG skill I still haven’t learned, especially when rendering :D.

Thanks for response!

The link doesn’t work.

yeah, I got to ~78% and the download failed. My player wont let me play a partial .mov
looking forward to getting it. The renders look good.

Yea… sorry I’m hosting it on my comp and I was out so it went to sleep! It probably went to sleep in the middle of your download. Hope will try again tomorrow or sunday or some time! Thanks for the interest too.

I am back and the server is up now.

My (insert favorite diety here) man I’d forgotten what d/ling over a 300 or 1200 or even 56k baud modem was like. I browsed the whole forum while d/ling your animations, and glad I took the time. NICE work. Simple models but the movements, very good.

First animation test- simple model with nice deformation and decent timing dispite the ‘Matrix’ defying gravity jump (which sorta worked here).

First fish animation test- The timing is nice and leasurly, forward movement matched the fish movements very well. Nice test.

The lack of d/l speed killed me here so went on to:

A scene test: Good animation and timing right up to the eating part. Too much time spent in the swallowing pose after the swallow. But when it gets moving again the animation is slick.

Again, d/l speed killed looking at ‘Same Scene [as above] with different camera’.

But the particle scene, again nicely done.

Your ability to animate is promising and I like it. I’m only using a fraction of my available disk space and bandwith so PM me about some free hosting if you like (and not cheesy hosting either).

i just don’t like the advertisement popups! i got like 20 of them and since the library computers generally don’t have popup blocking enabled it became a pain! pictures would help though - i prefere to see what i am going to be downloading! oh the download failed for me too! %|

What are you talking about!? %| :o :-?

I am hosting off of my home computer there are NO popups and I KNOW this for a fact…

wow, very good animations!

i wish i was that good…

Thankyou… keep working at it! How long have you been trying?

I have been messing around and learning on my own for about 5 years now with various 3d programs like Strata and Pixels (when they were free) plus Maya PLE and stuff. It is hard hard work to learn, but some stuff just clicks after a while.

I’ve updated this page to be my “website.” I have a new test animation of bouncing balls with ambient occlusion and it looks really cool (they are metaballs too).

Do people actually look at this?

You should have the MBs collide.
I think that would look real awesome.
And your samples are too high in your AO settings.

They are very good, any idea when the whole thing will be finished?

By November 1 because that is THE deadline. Maybe even by October. I have been taking a break and need to get back to work. I even have a story now!

They will; they are supposed to represent people and their interaction and the sounds I add will be relationships. I know it will be hard to edit and make sound for, but I am better at that so I am trying to make the modelling and animation as easy as possible. I agree, I will lower the AO for a more stylish look. 8), or maybe :Z