My short Movie reedited

Hi guys, I have re-edited the short, the youtube link is here:


What does the note say at the end?

When he first leaves the cell I think he jumps or is a bit jerky in his movements.
The numbers on all of the cells are the same. I don’t know if that was intentional or not.

I’m not sure if I followed it but here is the recap as I saw it. He is a mental patient of some sort. His cell door becomes unlocked and opens. The character ventures out into the ward, and notices that something bad happened. There is a lot of blood. He keeps exploring when suddenly he comes to the cell? with another occupant. They stare at each other, and then the new character lunges/attacks the current character. The current character then finds himself back in his cell.

Was it a dream? Was it real? Did it really happen?

That is what I got out of the short. You can take my comments and match them up with what you were attempting to convey and see what areas you could try and improve.

Cool, the animation was a little sketchy in places but overall I thought it was very good. From what I gathered, the prisoner had a dream (or not, I think that was the point) of his cell opening and then him finding that a bearded man had killed everybody and then lunged for him and then woke up (or somehow ended up back in his cell) with a note attached to his open door with a knife.

Would you be able to give a translation of the note in English please, maybe that will clear things up.

Overall, Good job!

OK, guys! The message is " You can go now! But don’t forget my payment." With this translation, you can figure out what happened.

Thanks a lot.

Answering summerRider and Smelz:

  • About the note…it’s answered on the other reply.

  • I did not notice that…strange! I created a small scene( about 20 frames ) between the scene that he opens the door and the scene that he walks showing his back.

  • The numbers on all of the cells are the same…yes they are all the same.

  • Yes, he is a mental patient, but an important character from the tales of the "Underworld Mythology ".

  • The door was opened by “someone”, and he went out the cell , walks trough the corridor and found “O Barba” another character from the “Underworld Mythology”.

  • Yes, the second character, “O Barba”, attacks the first one called " Flagelo" and this one awake inside the first cell with the note sticked at the door.

Well, I think I explained everything.

That’s pretty cool :smiley: the camera use is very very good, i think. Lighting is nice as well. However, the walls are clearly textures (an easy fix) and the animation is sort of jerky and choppy at points. Other wise, pretty good work :smiley:

At 1:37 I noticed his head “pops” to the left (he’s looking right).

Answering Sammaron and xray51493:

Yes, I’ll fix those little problems with another render.