My (short) Movie

I am working on a short fantasy movie (15 min?). People are done on green screen and everything else done in blender. Images below.

The images look nice :yes: but, what is the movie about? What’s the story? O.o

Plot basically is a city gets attacked and main character has to save it. It still is a work in progress.

This looks pretty interesting. I’ll be following.
Sounds like it’s going to be pretty epic though. How long do you think it will take?

It hopefully will take a year. I haven’t even started filming yet.

Update: Some videos will be up soon at

Something about it makes the hut in the 4th photo look miniature. The sand on the 5th needs work. The wood texture on the boat in the 2nd photo is a bit stretched. But other than that, it looks great.

Thanks for feedback. The 2nd and 5th are old so it looks better now. I can take away the Dof in #4 and it will look bigger.

Here is a finished(?) shot.

Sorry for not posting in a while.:o
I can’t do a huge amount on this until summer when I will have more time and be able to film.
More images in next post.


Here are some clouds and a market scene.


i recommend changing the lens width and moving the camera in closer in order to reduce the “miniature” effect… but personally i think it looks cool, sort of 'ardman’ish :)))

Thanks! Right now I am starting to make lots of little props and the animatic so more updates to come.

More work on desert scenes. 110418 polys.


the rocks look good. in my opinion, however, the ground should be slightly less smooth… a bit of raising here and lowering there would go a long way.

i did a bit of GSing with some friends… what a mission to get a satisfactory result… apart from anything else, peoples arms kept going out the shots :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


very nice grass in all the shots.

looks awesome!! how did you get the glow? nodes or post processing?

It is done with nodes.