My shortlist of BGE additions

Ok getting a little ahead of myself, but here it is.

Things I would like to see in the game engine, and will pay to have added once I get some revenue rolling in.

Step 1 - clean up any old code preventing the bge from multithreading

Step 2 - tighten bullet update version to allow for recent strides in threading and solvers

Step 3 - add community requested features

My own for step 3
ForceMoveTo -uses physical force applications to navigate in point to point point to target, or “steering” mode.

TorqueTrackTo - Aligns physics object with target object orientation, or tracks to a point or object using torque.

6dof actuator and sensor
Sensor - allows for if joint angle (axis) is (interval)-----Trigger
like if joint angle X is greater than 20---------and--------Do stuff

Actuator - Change target and 6dof properties