My shot at shipping ghosts

(click the tumb for the full image, 38K)

The idea is that something hits the ship while everyone is asleep in cryo-chambers, and the collision destroys most of ships navigation, sending it to a far far away, and the only thing properly working is the life support. Feeding of vacuum fluctuations, it will keep the three bodies alive forever, yet there is nobody to awake them. So, they will stay this way, dead yet alive, until the End of Times.

The plan was to do much more to define the image without the need for text, yet I was really busy all weekend and could only spare a couple of hours on Monday night.

First time I used radiosity in a non-test render, and first time I used postpro (for blur, grain, and some sliiiiight dirt on the floor and pods). The monitor gamma at home is probably all wrong (I am planning to search the forums for a howto on this), there is a generouse brush stroke visible in the contest entry (which I tried to remove for the link posted here).

Critique and comments, as always, are welcome.

Humbly yours,


quite nice…
little highlight wouldn’t hurt tho… and perhaps tweaking the glass texture… (sharper specular point)

nice to see radio in use like that, instead of all those test 1 2 3 pictures :slight_smile:

I tried it with my mr library scene ,but after 15 minutes of calculating I killed blender and went to another things :slight_smile:


I like it very much, Anton,…only one thing I would change:

I’d like to see little windows on the cryo chambers, and some frosty faces inside. 8)

Thanks guys, for good reponse and suggestions. Unfortunatelly I am extremely tight on time now, so have to postone trying to improve this work.

basse, by hightlight do you mean pp? I do need to work on glass, thanks for noting this. Btw, you can limit the rendering by going to Rad buttons and setting passes to something other than 0 (which probably means “do it until some condition is fulfulled”). If I had it at 0 it would do about 600 passes, so for test renders I set it to 100 or 200, which would make it 6 or 3 times faster, respectively. It is nice to be able to use this, actually :slight_smile:

Modron - I do want to have people slightly visible in the pods, not only the windows and faces :slight_smile: We’ll see if I have time and inspiration to actually do this.