my silly little animation - flat fred ;)

My first animation ever :wink: done in blender 2.36 with my own python replacement animation script stuff

requires divx 5.x codec for video and mp3 for audio. this is the small 7 mb web version of the video.

what do you think? :expressionless:

hehe… the funniest part was the after cuts!

Haha, that was awesome. Simple but very well done.

Very effective simple animation. I wish something biiger happened when Fred vomitted… The outtakes where nice as well.

Well done. :slight_smile: The outtakes were a very nice touch. I think you should make a series out of this guy.

That’s funny!!! and oh, i can really understand him… :smiley:

huehuehue very funny.
i liked a lot the final, to say the truth, i liked more the end then the movie in it (the music , the credits, and the takes out)

Nicely done … the outtakes were indeed a nice touch by the credits! I thought here and there though the pauses for instance when he pulled a new face were a tad on the long side apart from that though I liked it. :smiley:


Nice, simple, funny - like the best animations are.

I think it could have done with more of a story like how does he avoid Britney music or something. As it stands, the story is basically he likes NIN but not crap music like Britney, which is ok but it lacks substance.

The “the end?” bit sort of covers that though ;).

Yea,h I agree with osx on how it could use a bit more dpth to the story.

Though, you’re right, it is a silly animation, and silly is good :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: .

Nice timing. But there’s not enough substance to carry it for that length of time; it could be done in under ten seconds, without those captions.

I’ve wondered when Emoticons would make an animated debut … :slight_smile:

Also the South Park thing is done and over, and the choppy style is pretty much their concept.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

And your right, there basically is not really a story and the “fred” character needs some more development. You now only know his name, that he likes and dislikes certain music and that he’s flat :wink: And if you watch closely the out takes then you can guess that his “fame” as a big movie star :wink: has made him a little arrogant. But thats it. Not enough. Thats absolutly right.

And yes Fred probably returns 8) although I only have some other ideas at the moment and no exact concept yet.

Well, this whole project was meant to learn the basics of animation and especially timing. And I’ve really learnt a lot! Last but not least that it’s a lot of work :wink:

Hey, I’v even done a storyboard for this stuff :o

> Also the South Park thing is done and over, and the choppy style is pretty much their concept.

Replacement Animation was not invented by South Park. Although I admit that I watched a little bit for reference %|