My simple class to draw quickly a GUI

This is a simple class that I writing for BlenderMakeHuman.
It must be optimized and I want add a several window type:
openfilewin, alertwin, mainwin, messagewin etc…
Now only sliderwin working.

If you think this can be usefull (I’ve test it only with 2.23 and
I not sure about version >= 2.25) I continue the class and add
a short documentation.

Please tell me your opinion.


I also have a GUI class which supports all button types with some built in events. I’ll probably post it online someday.


Yes…I’ve a notice about your class:
it’s a very good and flexible class, you can move the window in the GUI
and there are transparency too. It’s a great, professional work! :smiley:

My GUI is a little, quickly alternative, it don’t require
hight level of python and the interface resultant is very very simple,
but it require a minor computation…

I think they are two different class for different requirements.

But my/your class will work under version => 2.25 ??

Very nice manuel, just wanted to let you know I tested it with windows 98, Blender 223 and Publisher 2.25. Works fine in both. l like it, simple sliders with tool tips.


Works with windows XP in 2.23 and 2.25 also.

Delete doesn’t work though. I can’t get it to normally work , anyway.Is this a problem with python?

Note: If you select a number to data fill, you can’t X close the program in windows XP. I havn’t tried in in linux yet :smiley:

Ok! thanks to all…it seems this class is usefull…
Well, I continue the development: now I’ve the help
of Ken75… :smiley: