My sister's room

Well, this have the basic shapes but there are A LOT more objects lying around, too hard to model for me ^.^!

Anyways, hope you like it.

Anyone feeling up for some piano now? :slight_smile:


lol are you sure the size of that piano is normal?? it looks kind of big. Well anyway nice modeling of the piano;)

Oh darn, :expressionless:

I was hoping no one would spot that ^.^!

Yeah, the size of the piano, well the real height of it really, is only 3/4 as tall.

-_-! (thinking: thank myself that I didn’t show them how much keys are on the piano) :smiley:

Thanks Maaatt,


You can use “Set smooth” for a smoother look. Not only subsurfing.

I am sure that if you reduce a bit the size of the piano the whole image wins a lot…