my site is now online

Please tell me what you think and if you encountered any problems while navigating the site. Also, feel free to comment on any of my works.

Pefectly working for me and very nice site. The only difficult is the language you used… :smiley:


what do you mean env?

He means it’s not in english :smiley:

I liked it. nicely layed out and easy to navigate.



Its good, although on the logo theres still white pixels, you should trim them, then its all good :smiley:

What do you mean it wasn’t in english? Could you copy&paste some words from the main page? Are you sure you didn’t go to

Oooh, I think I know what happened. There was a delay while the Nameservers propagated. I think you should try it a little later. It should be in English now.

Funny thing, when I used another host the nameservers propagated to England and America first. But when I changed webhosts yesterday, the dotcom started working properly. But it seems it’s still puinting at the old host on the other side of the worl…

One more thing I should ask you about, what kind of buttons/dropdewn menus/fancy flash animations do you recommend I use for navigation? Or do you like te old-fashion links?

The white pixels completely dissapear off the logo in te english version of the site.

And about my works…? Nothing? :frowning:

p.s. that strange language was Romanian :stuck_out_tongue: Look it up

I tried it again and I must said that it still is not in English… Romanian? Wow!

P.S.: your work is really nice; the glass should have a semi-transparent shadow, IMHO…


Please try again in a day or two. It MUST work! How come I see it in English from here? Must be a late-updating nameserver problem…

I’m glad you like my work :slight_smile: I am gradually making the transition to more complex scenes, with more materials and better textures. RIght now, I’m still at the 2-hour project stage :frowning:

I hope you’ll visit my page as often as possible to read my blog and participate in my captions contest (soon to come :wink: )

Can you see it in English now? I also added a hit counter on the news page.

Yes, I see it in English now.