My skateboard project

Just thought I’d post up a wip thread for my high poly skateboard. I’m making this as a portfolio piece because I haven’t got enough newer stuff in there, and well, alot of the stuff in there sucks haha.

So I’m planning on doing an exploded view (as seen in the render) and a render of it fully assembled. I might also do an animation of it assembling.


(Turns out the image was a bit large for the post so here’s a link)

Right now the modeling and unwrapping is done. C&C welcome :slight_smile:

Cool! But probably will look better when textured!

Haha you said it! I’m gonna have a nice big 5000x5000 texture for the deck.

Right now I’m just thinking of designs for the skateboard

I like the exploded render, but why not explode the trucks as well?

Because as it is you have this exploded render of what the skater is familiar with, they have all these parts which they put together and it’s just one I thought was cool in that way

As a former skater I was familiar with the trucks is why I asked.
You can buy various bushings to get the side-to-side roll that best suits your skating type. Softer bushings yield a loose roll for quick turning vs harder bushings giving a tight roll which is nice for not getting wheel bite (board rolling far enough to hit the spinning wheels) when you land from a high jump (fall).

I’m not trying to be an arse. Just thought it might look nice.

Oh yeah, I think I replaced some of those once.

Also nah, thanks for your feedback! :smiley:

It does look good though. Can’t wait to see it textured.

They look Grind Kings to me. Always bought Independent trucks for my boards.

Only thing missing is the guy doing a switch hardflip to bluntside down a handrail with a 180 flip out. The nicest skateboard i have seen done in 3d so far.

Great stuff.

Hey thanks alot for the compliments! :smiley: Maybe I will be doing people I could implement someday…

Also the trucks are based off my cargo ones

Got an update here, textured the deck (unfortunately I didn’t have many options for doing the plywood layers). The design is a fractal I did, I did a few and chose the one I liked best

Render 1

Render 2

EDIT: Updated renders:

[Render 1]( 3d stuff/wip5.png)

[Render 2]( 3d stuff/wip5-2.png)

I’ve rendered out a video of it assembling, although admittidely it could probably be a bit longer…


Its looking sweeet.

I like the textures you have used and the grip tape looks especially good. The plywood layers look fine to me btw.

I don’t know if i like the colour chosen for the trucks though, personally i would have chosen a bare metal material and the black part of the wheels would look better white i think with some sss. Just my thoughts.

Hey thanks alot for the feedback :smiley: I had trouble figuring out how to do the grip tape and in the end hsv noise did the job XD

Also as for the wheels I have changed the shaders since then, it took like half an hour but I found what I wanted. I’ll post updated renders in a moment.

EDIT: Here’s the updated renders, I’ve also edited the trucks because they were too short at the sides, this was a silly silly error by me. I forgot that the wheels should be much nearer to the sides

I was wondering if anyone knows of any photorealistic renderers I could use with blender 2.5?

add dirt, scratches, specular noise etc … will look better.

The intention was to get a clean product render :wink:

Great render so far.

One thing (and not a little), the board shape… Take a closer look. Concave parts and flods are very curved. Nose and tail are simply not a simple brutal fold. There are both the result of a progressive curve :slight_smile:

Keep it up!!

Hey thanks, I guess I did under do it. I was just following the shape of my enjoi board.

I’m gonna make a thread in the finished work area now, just because I’m at such a late stage and I’ve gotten yafray working nicely now :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who posted here

hey mrjimmy,

reminds me of my skateboards I did 5 years ago:
have a look at