My Sketches

Some are recent and some are old.


I don’t really have a sketchbook thread, so I figure instead of opening a new topic I’ll just post here.

they are really good one i most like the 1st in 4th row kind of adds felling what she thinks (head)
but you could finish them with pen for better details ;]

Here I stamped the image and adjusted the darkness because I was showing it as a sample.


This one is from my actual sketch book.


This one has been sitting on my scanner bed for months.

Gives an idea of how incredibly organized I am :spin:.


You seem to have a strong point with drawing human poses. I like the comic-book like anatomical detail, too, like in the arms. All I can suggest is maybe use your skills to come up with a more developed piece; I’d like to see how that would turn out.

By more developed do you mean, less sketchy, or with more atmosphere? Both? :spin:


I took a look at my old sketchbook and noticed that a lot of the drawing weren’t complete. At the time I would stop when I thought it wasn’t perfect and start anew. Now, looking it at them, I wonder how some of them would have turn out if I saw them through.

ropsta: i think he means, what i think also, is to take the sketching skill to little bit further and come up with things of your own. this is now pretty standard (it doesnt mean bad) anime posing stuff.
so, take that, and come up with something totally different.
challenge yourself.

anyway, i’m evil on these kind of threads, so take all this how you want :slight_smile:


My request is that you polish the image - ie tidy the brush strokes, add some colour and a background. They are nice images and should be formal presentation. Computers can be used to make this 5*'s. But then this is my opinion only.

Tell that to my 1 gb of Ram. LOL

Now that I think of it, I’ll order some more tomorrow.:yes:

Anime!?:eek: Now I’m insulted. And, please tell me you meant posting and not posing.

takes a second look

Dangit! :o


I don’t know what it is that has made me migrate over to the dark side once again.

I’m still not sure what is meant by taking it further though. I take it you mean I should clean it up more/add more detail?


Most of these are from a 8-14 months ago.


Random, don’t know from when


Mores. Right one from like a year ago.


I just noticed I used to draw the pose on the left a lot.


I drew the first one more than a year ago, and the second 10 months ago. Take what meaning you want from it :cool:


Looks awesome, question. Can you do bluepints, a character from both the front and sideview?:eyebrowlift2:

By more developed I meant like actually give one of your characters a setting, utitilize the entire value scale (the brightest light to the darkest dark), and use the entire page for the composition potential it has. Judging from your sketches I think I fully developed piece would turn out awesome.

Sure, albeit, with the help of graph paper and/or a ruler.

Now I gotcha.

Some pretty cool stuff! Let’s see something new, now, rather than months old. :evilgrin:

I agree with the others: if you put your talents to a full-blown work, it’d probably be pretty awesome.