My sleuth work on bugs, not as dire as you would think.

So here’s what I found, here’s the reality.

1). Nodes don’t work
REALITY: Mix nodes don’t work, the others work fine, unfortunately major as they are important nodes for material blending. For other uses, nodes work. Shouldn’t be too hard for Brecht.

2). Spotlamps don’t work
REALITY: Spots mainly don’t work when the camera has a parent. I noticed because in my demo if I made it so the Camera is no longer a child of the player object, the spot works which explains why basic scenes with no camera movement work. Should be easy to figure out for an experienced coder.

That’s it for now. Multiple UV’s I hadn’t found anything other then the already existing not working on node materials as it seems, though I can’t test that until the mix node is fixed. I thought it was broken, but the material that needed that just didn’t have another normal map assigned a different UVmap.