My sloppy drawings!

Yes! The title says it all! My handwriting is bad!
Anyways, here are a couple of concept drawing for the sackboy project (I’m not the concept artist. I was just asked to come up with something).

And something I drew last night. It was dark so don’t get on me for how dark it was.

This is how horrible my handwriting is :wink:

Enjoy :smiley:

So! Who’s eyes are burning?
Some old drawing for a book my sisters and I were writing

Note: the fact they are all wearing green shirts was intended.

Nice expressions. Expressions are highly regarded in the cartoon world - seems you have a natural talent if you want to hone into some cartooning.

Well its not that hard to make them.
Just place the eyebrows in their positions as well as the mouth and you got a facial expression.

…lol. For a natural like you, yes, but for me, I went on google this morning and downloaded “50” expressions.

Another set of stuff from the book.

I know most of my characters face right.

But i know something you don’t…
I’m not left handed! :smiley:

Ah…I see. :smiley:

umm… well… don’t quite your day job. If you’re serious about getting better at drawing, which I highly suggest since one of the keys to CG art is drawing, check out andrew loomis’s books. One can be found here.

One thing I learnt from drawing is that you do it for yourself. Once that feeling is lost, it can be a bit hard to get back into the routine. And with drawing, you never actually finish anything. It’s just there waiting for that few touches. But then you submit it.

Loomis is a common response, but in my opinion the reality of getting better at drawing is simply doing it a lot and having honest critique of your work. An artist needs to have the mentality that even though a part of a piece may seem/look good, if it’s wrong in some way it has to be fixed, even if it means painting over a “precious” part. Artists need to put the hours in and have someone, not mom/dad/buddy, to tell them what needs work.


Though really I want to work on my handwriting first.
As I’m not planning on being a doctor, id need it for the work force.

(doctors have sloppy writing) :D.

(jay), well to a certain point you’re right. One good way to learn a discipline is to explore it and try things out. Another key way, is to find someone in the field that’s better than you and learn from you. Andrew loomis is a fabulous artist and knows well on how to teach people.