My small architecture

ok, so this is my last project, i’m working on:

and with colors:

C&C welcome…

what is it representing ?

oh yeah… it’s a small newsstand or kiosk. It’s a booth where you can buy newspaper, smokes and other things. It’s have to be situated in specific street in my town.

Why is the ‘roof’ so weird… or high … is it supposed to be like that ?

yep, that’s my idea, it is simmiliar to other building (or rather to their gates/portals) situated on that street.

Hm… I wonder where you’re from then … I guess an eastern european country ? Am I correct ? I didn’t see any of that stuff in Western Europe…


KRUChY, very good so far! A very stylish newspaper stand or toll booth.

C&C would be: some polys visible on the rounded roof decor. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the internals - when you make the windows tansparent… to see some posters and magazine covers pasted up in misc. places… and a weathered/wrinkled old man smoking a cigarette, reading the paper - either inside, or on a nearby parkbench.

md01: yes, i’m from poland from lodz. if you’re interested in this street look here
or here:

mzungu: thanks man, specially for C&C, really there something wrong… So back to work…

Just saw a program yesterday how the polish fought in Arnhem (2nd WW) and made the difference between defeat and vicory of the Germans… They fought like heroes and the friggin english and dutch didn’t even want to award them with a medal … that made me puke…

Well, anyway …that’s got nothing to do with your model ! haha…

md01: thx man, i aprichiate THAT … A LOT [!] [!]

even it didn’t have anything with model :D:D:D