My Small RunTime Blure !

Hello There Blender Artists Basicly All Of You Know Me Execpt For The New User’s But As Always I Am Making Some Pretty Neat Stuff On Blender And So Far I Made The Nicest Effect Ever Well For Me That Is :

Here Is The Download Link If You Want To Test It Out :
(Note : I Saved It As A .Exe)
(Read The Instruction File / Text File In The Zip File So You Know How To Use.)

Here Are Some Snapshots :
Without Blure :
With All Blure :
And Yes This Is In Runtime.

I Will Not Be Releasing The .Blend For Awhile For Some Reasons Well The Main Reason Is That It’s Not Finished I Only Got It To Blure Some Models Right Now I Am Trying To Go Beyond Blender And Try To Make It Blure Somewhat Like GTA When You Go Super Fast On A Car I Kinda Got That Effect Already But Still Not The Right Look Post Here Any Questions.
Or Problems With The File Or Link And Please Tell Me If The Effect Looks Bad Or Good Or What Should I Edit For The .Blend File When I Get Around On Releasing It …

(Note I May Not Be Able To Create A Perfect Blure Effect Like GTA But It Will Be Close Enough -.- If I Dont Make It I Will Give Up And Release This File As A .Blend)

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And Remember Keep ON BLENDERING BLENDER ARTISTS !!! :cool:
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I would like to advise you that I can simply hex that exe to get the blend. just thought I would let you know.

can not download :frowning:

Looks like a nice effect, although I too cant download the file.

Can I ask you not to type every word starting with a capital letter, i dont know about anyone else but I find it harder to read.

I will sop typing every word in caps :stuck_out_tongue:
and I will re-upload it on another host see if that works :slight_smile:
but not right now I got school soon :frowning:

And as for : spike1907
True enough I will end up releasing the .blend soon I just gotta edit abit of stuff but if anyone wants to hex it I can’t stop em :stuck_out_tongue:
but thanks for the heads up =)

I will increase the security on the exe =)
(I know how to do that but it will take me a couple of hours xD)


screen shots looks sweet, keep up the great work!

just planes with add but good, i made that time ago but i found a problem when i tried to fake blur in a different angle, maybe you’re having the same problem:confused:

BTW. According to the GPL and a discussion on this forum you have to release it as a blend if you release an exe. Your game is now open source whether you like it or not and you have to show all your work. Maybe this GPL thing is better than I thought. And if you don’t, the boogey man might get you.

@Fireside: If somebody wants to sell their work, there is no need to make it open source, all you made with blender is yours & only you can decide between make it open source or not

When is my work covered by the GPL?

Anything you create with Blender - whether it’s graphics, movies, scripts, exported 3d files or the .blend files themselves - is your sole property, and can be licensed or sold under any conditions you prefer. (See below for a note about stand-alone executables.)

What about my Python scripts?

Python scripts are completely separate from Blender’s source code and the author of the script maintains complete control over the copyright. You can also use python scripts to link into non-GPL applications, this way you may extend Blender without violating the GPL.

So I can make games without having to worry about the GPL, right?

That is correct, games are program output and therefore not covered by the GPL. The Blender team is committed to making sure that Blender can be used for both GPL and non-GPL games without any license conflicts. With stand-alone games however, any data that is included inside the actual stand-alone executable is covered by the GPL, if this is a problem then you should set up the stand-alone player so it reads from external .blend files.

this is copied from the official blender’s web, here is the link if you want to see it by yourself.

Hello well to tell you the truth I kinda sort of fixed up the different angle blure part its kinda starting to look really nice right now I am working on some models that will be used for the blure example once that part is done I will be releasing the .blend file here for everyone :slight_smile:

I am and will be passing the blure stuff though some testing stages HAHAHA :rolleyes:

And yes you are right all that my blures are, are basicly the same model with add on all faces and light on. Really easy to fake :stuck_out_tongue:


@Fireside: If somebody wants to sell their work, there is no need to make it open source, all you made with blender is yours & only you can decide between make it open source or not

You missed one part of your quote:

any data that is included inside the actual stand-alone executable is covered by the GPL

Once you make a stand alone executable your game has become GPL and you have to disclose all source code. I just got in a big argument on this and apparently this is the way it is and you’re required to disclose all source code if you make an executable. The only way you can do that is to publish the blend. If you want to keep it from being gpl you have to use the blenderplayer and somehow hide the blend data.

fireside is correct (trust me, I’ve studied law), however, it’s a non-issue about Death distributing the .blend, since it can easily be extracted from the .exe, as spike1907 pointed out. I have a Python script on my machine (that I found on the forums here, available for Linux and Windows boxes) that does just that, so whenever I actually want the .blend file I just run it through the Python extractor and out pops the .blend. Interestingly enough, though, I never take content from those .blend files and re-use it. Do you know why? Because the extracted .blend is still GPL’ed material, as is everything in it. If you use textures/sounds/models/scripts from a GPL’ed .blend in your game, your entire .blend automatically inherits the GPL. Crazy, huh?

BTW, cool effect, Death. I look forward to the finished product.

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Thank you and report the broken links on the thread that has the broken links.
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And Wait one more thing for the people that think they can crack other peoples projects try to crack this .blend file I edited here is the link :

Main Link :

Mirror / Sucky Link :

When you download it it should be a zip file the zip file should contain the .blend file take the .blend file out or just open it from the zip file but one problem I made it so blender can’t open it :eek: It should give you an error and is you use Shift + F1 That won’t work either.

Let’s see how easily you can open the .blend file if you open it up there should be a secret number in there in the text just when it loads but if you fail it will keep on showing you the error so far I am the only one that can open it. =)

This is just for fun to see who wins :stuck_out_tongue:

fireside is correct (trust me, I’ve studied law), however, it’s a non-issue about Death distributing the .blend

It’s not a non-issue. Once you’re under the gpl you have to make your source available and making someone crack into it really doesn’t count. It’s only a non-issue in that the gpl is really a voluntary system whether anyone wants to admit it or not. It’s pretty much unenforceable. The main bad thing it does is give you a reputation of being a copyright breaker. A perspective employer would look at that. I wouldn’t look at that as a small thing because employers are getting more and more sophisticated at that kind of thing and if you do anything modeling related, your going to probably refer them to your site. I don’t do it anyway, but there’s no way I would post any kind of executable after finding out about this. You’ve basically given up your individual copyrights when you do it. You pretty much have to be a free software person to do it, because there are really no advantages unless you don’t care if you’re labeled a law breaker and don’t post the required blend beside it.
You’re really protecting yourself more if you just post the blend, because then your material isn’t gpl. The only way of doing both is for someone to figure out how to lock a blend and get it into the source code. Then you could use the blenderplayer and not be gpl. Probably not that hard, you’d just have to compile a blenderplayer that had an individual number or something it was looking for and make enough changes in the blend so blender couldn’t open it without the number. Personally, though, I think I’d just buy Torque at that point. This is one more thing that makes the blender game engine strictly an amateur or hobby engine.

That’s not the point here. When you distribute a runtime, it is distributed under the terms of the the GNU Public License, whether you like it or not. That license gives me, fireside, and anybody else who wants it the right to have your .blend file. I’m not trying to be pushy about it, so I hope you don’t get that impression. Also, fireside feels that the GPL is unenforcable only because it is “untested” in court. I completely disagree. As the GPL says, it is “the only license that gives you the right” to use Blender at all. Otherwise, Blender is a copyrighted program (copyright to the Blender Foundation). If you use Blender without agreeing to the terms of the license, you are violating copyright law. Don’t pretend that I like that fact, or that I’m somehow eager to “break into” and “steal” other people’s work because I’m some kind of hacker or something. I wish I could distribute a runtime without it becoming “public property” in essense, but that is not the case. Now as far as things go, if fireside wants the .blend, you are required by law to give it to him. I don’t think he’s going to sue you if you don’t, though. :slight_smile:

Tru enough about the everything :slight_smile:
But I am just trying to point out that there are way to prevent people from taking the source or from using other softwares from opening them up ect …
The only reason that I kinda brought this topic up was because

said he could hex it so I start thinking hmmm… what would happens if I make the .blend or exe do this when it opens it will not let them hex it or view the source unless you undo what I did. I just basicly did this for fun :slight_smile: another reason was I needed somthing to do really.

What no answer back from my current .blend file that I released on
“.blend for everyone” :stuck_out_tongue:


What no answer back from my current .blend file that I released on
“.blend for everyone” :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what you mean by it. If it’s GPL, and it is GPL because you posted an executable, you need a link with the Blend file you used posted next to it. You have also given up all personal copyrights to your models that were in that execute and anyone can use them under the terms of the GPL without your permission. I don’t know if you meant to do that, but if you didn’t, don’t make an executable with the Blender runtime.

Cool Blur effect.

Reminds me of Final Fantasy 7 when you go into a Fight. :slight_smile:

nice blur effect, I’m interested in seeing what it can do (can’t D/L right now)

On a side note, it might be worth checking spelling and grammar ocasionally (commas and periods are your friends, feel free to use them); it took me quite a while to decipher your explanation of your encryption (never mind actually cracking the .blend).

sorry if this came out wrong, but I’m starting to get fed up with “internet typing” as a whole.

grats on the effect, sorry if i came off as a whiner.

Back thanks for the good reply’s.

I understand the condition’s of creating .exe format’s and I am cool with that :cool:.

As for " .blend for everyone " is the name of my other thread :

the link above has plenty of .blend files that I have made a released for people to use.

Thank you :slight_smile:

True about the grammer. I released a small .blend file on this topic on my other thread " .blend for everyone " read thread to view the link that lead’s to the .blend file about this topic.

And I am working on right now on a small walkthrough demo demonstrating how this effect can be used to fake some pretty neat looking blure effect’s.


If you still can’t read my post please ask me to re-type it.
I just woke up so I don’t even know half of what I am typing lol