My snake

This is something i did to see how good i was with blender .

dont say its to see ‘how good you are with blender’, because somebody is likely to come along, say its bad, then you think you are bad. which you aren’t. it takes practice, and this is a good start. i thought it was funny when i saw it, so you shouldn’t discourage yourself. not saying you are, but …anyway

i think its a great scene

the snake is ok, but i dont think up to the detail of the cactus and other details

i would really like to see the scene alone without the sanke,
that would be cool!

you are good a blender!

ya i think its good except the detail with the scene vs the snake just does’nt nearly match, as stated above.

But aside from that, i think its awesome :slight_smile:

take out the snake, try a …a scorpion :smiley: , han

Thanks to all af you for the advise . I might make some other model and place it in place of the snake dont know yet though . :smiley:

I don’t really like the snake, but I like a lot the cactus and the glow on the scene :slight_smile: Maybe make the snake thiner? And the rocks less dark too?

Well although the scene looks very good I think that you can improve the snake

I think that i will remove the snake and ad this scorpion what do you think .

were did that wonderfull ideia from the scorpion came from’’ :smiley:

the model is fine to me ,texture it fastest u can

Looks very good!

It also looks like the Chroppy from R.O.S.E online (online 3D MMORPG)

I love that cloudy effect, it’s like everything is emitting light. (try imagining seeing the bright light reflected from someone’s white t-shirt on the bright day)

^_^, keep it up!