My Sniper

How would I improve this model?
( I’m a noob :slight_smile: )


Sniper.blend (244 KB)

maybe not making it a box :confused:

M24.blend (298 KB)

How would i do that?
I tried set smooth but turned out not so great…

Thanks for the advice.

recalculate the normals to the outside, press CTRL + n, that will fix the scope. You might want to ‘bevel’ the edges of what would be the wood part of the gun. Looks pretty good.

Set smooth does not work on solid faces, if the face is at 90 degrees or more to its adjoining face it needs to be set solid. Go into edit mode and select your scope and barrel and hit set smooth while in edit mode. This wll keep your other faces set solid as they should be. That being said you would do to round out the rest of the gun, I think you can learn a lot by dissecting the gun valek27 posted. Note that his gun is in several pieces- parts in real life are separated, and they can be in 3d as well- when it helps.

Are you making this for the game engine? Or High Poly for a scene or animation? Knowing those answers would help people give advice I think.

I would use subsurf on the wodden parts but avoid it on the metal parts. And if you are making it High Poly you should also make the small details like the loading mechanism and the round things on the scope you use to ajust the scope.

so i should set smooth in edit mode and make some more detail on it.

This project isn’t for a game engine i just like to model it :slight_smile:

any ideas how to make the the metal thing ( I don’t know what it is called but it reloads the gun like a springfield ) ?

Thanks for all the support

Subsurf modelling, start from a simple shape, subdividing/loopcutting, -> adjust vertices, and repeat :slight_smile: And set smooth should always be on.