My snowman game

in this game you are a robot an you are sopose to kill all the evil snomen

this game took around 8 houres to make enjoy

you can download it here :smiley:

oh i forgot to wright how to play

you walk whit wasd and you fire on space. and sorry for my bad english im from sweden

Hey, this game is pretty cool and i have a question: How did u saced this game, that it open like a real game?

thanks mikimiki161818. to make it open like a real game you have to save the game as a run time in a individual map then you have to copy some dll.files to the same map

I like playing games recently. So I will try this.Hope it is the type I like.

kill all the evil snomen

That made me download the game!
Unfortunately it is a 32 bit build and performs badly on my PC :frowning:
Main Menu would do better if both buttons were beneath each other in my opinion

You should use arrow keys (as well) to move around. Not everyone has a qwerty keyboard so for me it is very annoying to try to move around. Besides that itโ€™s quite OK. :cool:

Screenshoots maybe?

I canโ€™t get the link to work :frowning:

Nevermind, I got it. :slight_smile:

Is is GLSL? It messed up on my computer.