My Softbodies and Stuff

Um,hi.These are my tests using fluid and softbodies.
Cloth(I know it’s messed up)-
Jell-O- ["] ]( [/COLOR)
And,my best…LIQUID!-

I apoloqize that they’re blender files(still having problems.)

Note:I’ve only been using blender for about a WEEK!

Its always best to post screen shots when giving upload links. THnaks! Oh and welcome to blender!

despite confirming what gat said, for having only used it a week you atleast got a good grasp on messing with some of the included stuff, hope to see you stick with it dilligently, which is more than i did when i first started so many years ago, keep up the good work

Thanks!For a while,I thought no one was going to post.okay,I’ll try to post screenshots.