My Soulsona

I made this scene for an Instagram Challenge set by and @thedrawingguy to celebrate the release of Disney Pixar’s newest film Soul.
The challenge was to create your own ‘soulsona’ as if you were part of that universe. I decided to include my soulmates Lotta and Maddie and our shared spark- Chips!
The challenge ends on the 11th Jan 2021 so there might be time to head over to Instagram and enter your own Soulsona if you fancy joining in!
Done using Blender 2.9 with the Eevee renderer and some final balancing in Photoshop and Photo App. I used alpha to create the translucency so it’s not as effective as the volumetric shader used in the movie but still not bad and super fast to render.

The video at resolution1080x1080 with 256 samples took 2.9 secs per frame on a GeForce GTX 1070.

It actually looked very good rendering at just 64 samples and only 0.9 secs per frames but the floor plane was a bit too noisy (the floor plane shader is semi transparent and I had to use Alpha Hashed to help the sorting so was noisy at low samples)

Final Image:

Blender Turntable Render:


Thanks for looking. Happy to answer any questions if I can!