My sound and video on my computer is gone(Ubuntu)

So I’ve had this computer for about 3 or 4 years now. When I first got it, it came with Windows Vista(which in my opinion is poop). It started acting funky, but i put up with it until Windows 7 came out… After a few months of having that on here, my computer started acting funky again so I decided to try Ubuntu. Like the other two it worked fine up until a few days ago.
I have looked for drivers/plugins for Ubuntu but i know little about this kind of computer stuff.

My guess is that I should just buy a whole new computer. I
ts not really that big of a deal not having video/sound… But I have a lot of music i like to listen too. and youtube is great when your bored =D.

If anyone knows how to fix this. I would greatly appreciate it

What exactly happens when you try to play music or watch a video?

Ubuntu doesn’t come with the packages for decoding MP3, AAC and various video codecs, because patent and copyright restrictions on the proprietary formats cause legal problems in most countries. You have to install the packages yourself, with the main one being ‘Ubuntu Restricted Extras’


Installing all of this stuff is literally a click or so away: -

  • Open Ubuntu Software Centre
  • Search for ‘Ubuntu Restricted Extras’
  • Click install

Yep, the old ‘acting funky’ bug bites again.

Could be anything really, that bug is very tricky to nail down…

I suggest you collect the relevant information -

System Specs
A precise explanation of the problems observed
All relevant error messages

…and post at There are many knowledgeable users there with the information you need to diagnose the problem.

Let me guess…

  • Large Black patches on the screen…

  • Garbage and other spurious characters…

  • Screen and mouse unresponsive…

  • You have a NVidia graphics card with a 170.x or later driver…

  • Your also running compiz…

  • To get it all back you have to restart your system…

If the answer to any of the above is YES then you need NEW MIRACLE GRO:evilgrin::evilgrin:

If the answer to the above is YES then the problem is probably the Powermizer built into the driver…


here is a small article about your problem. hope it will help you.