my space fleet

here are the fleet of ships that i have been working on over the last few months no one ship is particularly finished
assault frigate:

support ship:

and the fighter with docking unit:

^^for a launching anim very short

all C&C welcome

the ultimate goal it to make enough ships to have a big animated battle sequence with kind of BSG style with fighters launching flying arround and then landing to re-ammo and re-fule

Nice, but some normals maps or some little details would be good. The discombobulator script could be used here too.

The first one looks like it’s made of legos.

Modron- The discombobulator script could be used here too.
i havent heard of that one before i will look i to it

and i agree that the first one looks like its made of legos

i havent put any effort into textures yet just trying to get the shapes to look right except for the fighter i did a little bit