My Space Image

Here Is my Image:

Please tell me what you think.

I think everything needs work, but the thing I woould recommend the most (and because of this it should be in the Works in Progress section) the rocket needs textures, or at least materials. It’s very boring when it’s grey. Add some decals, change the rivets colour, etc. etc.

The sun, exhaust and stars are pretty good, I don’t know much about them so someone with experience will have to crit you on that.

the sun is very nice, good job on that. I’d like to see you reduce the size of the stars (size option under the world panel) you’d be surprised how much better it will look.

Thanks for the input guys I’ll look into it, and update when I get the chance.

I guess this’ll have to go into the works in progress after all.

cool dude good job on that sun