My Space Image

Okay so after about twenty minutes of tweaking i got my image looking a bit better.

Here is a link to my old pictures…

last image:

oldest image:

let me know what you think.

look better?

the texture of the oldest image looks good but not in ur current render

quick question: Which texture do you mean the Ship or the sun?

i think this looks good… I think maybe if you hilighted the stream coming from the rocket more and maybe added some more detail to the rocket itself it would be awesome. also, the bolts around the window are so random, maybe make them all line up in a circle.

PacBlend, (like MrPerlishells already said) It’s really better to use just one thread instead of starting a new one for each improved version of your image. Post your improvements in this thread next time. :yes:

Gee Sorry…

can you explain what different techniques you’re using to make the scene and what you want kind of effect/look you want from it in the end/what you want different from the picture you have now.

Well Basically I Have Made The Rocket Ship From A Cube with subsurf, as I usually do, and for the effects such as the nebula in the background, the glow of the sun and what not I have used Particles With Halo Materials assigned to them.

As for the question about what I want to change, Well I Mostly want to just add a texture to the rocket ship to give it mor detail and ranomize the the glow of the sun a bit. other than that I don’t really want to change anything.

that shouldn’t be how you add the glow to the picture. You should do that either with a single halo, with nodes, or in post-pro with PS or Gimp.
what kind of detail are you looking for on the spaceship?

well mostly just change the shape of the bolts so that they actually look like bolts and put them in a strait circle too, both of those are finished for the next image by the way, I just want to get a texture for the ship before i update it, and other than that I can’t think of anything…

why do you want a texture for the ship? good texturing is really hard to do, and a good material is better than an ok texture 9 times our of 10.

the sun srry for the late post

Well I originally wanted a metal sheet look to the ship you know like metal slaped on metal, but I could’nt get it so. I went with this instead for in the meantime.

I Have actually gotten started on that since my last post here’s an update:

It’s Not very good at the moment but I’m working on getting it better.

I’ll Update as soon as it’s done.

Any Thought’s on the UV Texture would be appreciated.

Well Here is the Newest Image:

I think it’s done.

Wow I really love the sun texture how did you achieve that and the glow? Is that post processed? That cool retro rocket looks just like the one I started for my kid last year. You did it much better though!