my space marine not 40k sorry guys

so i have been keeping away from here for a while, but i wanted to show you guys what i was working on for my game, first off you should know that i have been spending more time reading the blender books i own as well as watching every tutorial i can. i figured i could do that or bug you guys only to be told i need to go look at a tutorial, so rather not wast your time or mine i took your advice before you could give it. okay done joking you blender heads know i love ya all :yes:

okay so after all the tutorials i could absorb this was my first attempt to uv map and texture something. i know i need more practice but hey.

anyhow tell me what you think guys.

Halo -10 characters-

Does have a Halo style doesn’t it?

The character is too grey colored. :slight_smile:

Or Motocross.

most sci fi genre game characters may have a halo a slight halo look, it is a popular game, and next to imposable to really get away from that look. it happened with the section 8 game as well as the similar look to halo with the crisis game. as far as it being to grey i was thinking that as well but then i also figured that if your gonna camo something for a shooter game you might as well camo it for the ships you will fight on. i have more textures to make for the armor to create an adaptive armor. so that the armor will match the field of war.

i have re textured it but am not pleased with the look, i am going to hunker down and see if i cant get it right.

here is another textured screen grab. i chose not to render this time. have to make more adjustments to my texture but i think i am getting closer.

gunny sergeant

Never played that.

quite interestingly, some characters in my stories have armor based a bit off the Halo armor.

I’m pretty sure Foundations meant that the character’s armor looks inspired by motocross (off-road motorbike) riders’ clothes and pads.

Works for me.

by the way…your avatar looks like a low bit version of a guy wearing a suit, trench coat, and fedora hat.

oh i know, i was agreeing with cam-dudes i was just trying to voice how hard it is to not look like another halo game, hopefully my story line as well as my bad guys will help with that. as far as Moto cross inspired it wasn’t but that is a cool idea.

okay so still dinking a around on my texture and here is another screen grab of what i came up with.

well ,thats not a real texture.To me it looks like just 1 seamlessy texture applied on the object and a few decals.Try giving it more details.

How about using this for an inspiration -

that is really cool, i am still building my skills so i have a long way to go before i get there.

the tutorials i have been using got me to this point and i admit i have a long way to go yet, as i have just started using the texture system and i still have to figure out how to get that smooth look with added detail. i will get there eventually, but here is a thought instead of making yourself sound arrogant and snide how about helpful input. i don’t believe you were trying to be snide with you remark but reading it that is how it sounds. i have seen your work and it is really good and i get it i am still fairly new at this so i am nowhere near your level.

I am sorry if it sounded like i was arrogant :smiley: . You just need to put up some details on the texture and its good to go! Try making a high poly version with all details you want ,and then bake AO and normal maps.

I made this to illustrate why everyone is having trouble distinguishing your design from Halo

There are a lot of recognisable shapes, the red one in particular I think is what’s giving you the most trouble.

Can I ask, did you draw this before you started modelling it, or is it something that emerged as you were playing around with the mesh?

no need to apologize, as i stated i did not think you were trying to be snide, it’s just reading it that was my first impression, i dont go off of first impressions when it comes to reading posts. anyhow man i am trying to do a high poly version of the model now and am tripping all over myself. cant figure out how to smooth the model without massive problems to the model so i just stuck with low poly and was hoping to build a texture to overcome that short fall.