My Space Skybox

Having noted a marked lack of space skyboxes around here a while ago, I decided to make my own. :evilgrin: I think it only works in GLSL mode at the moment, but if anyone wants it to work in MultiTexture mode and doesn’t want to convert it themselves I suppose I can do it. All textures are made by myself using GIMP.


thats cool
nice textures :slight_smile:

Aww, man. I read it as MySpace skybox and thought it was something for 12 year old girls. Not MySpace, My Space, oops.

I’m just kidding! This is actually very cool, and I may use it for my next game idea if it’s alright with you. I promise to give you full credit, if so. That texture is nice and seamless, it had to take a while.

Sure, use it for whatever you want.

Wow very good space box! :slight_smile:

Cool! How did you make it? I’m working on a space game myself, and would like results like this, albeit a bit more random and realistic.

You know what, I said I did the textues in GIMP, but now that I think about it I wasn’t remembering correctly. I think what I really did was apply some procedural textures to a sphere, added a cube inside, and then baked the textures from the sphere to the cube. Then I believe I did a bit of touching up in GIMP.

Many thanks, I was really looking for a space skybox, seeing as I am not much of a texturing guy.