My Space Trooper

I have posted some questions in other forums and decided after all the work I put into him, I should post pics of his current state of development. If you have helped me out on my other threads, thanks!


And a few more.


Why not try a short animation. You seem to have already fully rigged it.

You could try to make a good still with this character… work more on scenario, lightning, etc. The character already seems fine, modeling and rigging, now it comes the other stuff: thinking in a good image composition, lighting, coloring, etc…

I have very little experience with modelling backgrounds. I also don’t really know what I’m doing with setting up a scene. About animation… I don’t know how to post animations for input. I tried to upload an mpeg, but BA doesn’t allow that. Anybody care to explain that for me? I would love to get some feedback on animating.

Yeah backgrounds are tough, I haven’t really got into them much either. I guess just like making anything else, you just gotta dive into it when you are ready, try, fail, (repeat) and find some related tutorials.

I like the space man himself! The expressions and the exaggerated proportions - like his square jaw - are done nicely, he has a vintage comic book feel to him.

As far as posting a vid, why not just upload to youtube then post a link?

Thanks Saila, I am a fan of old sci-fi novels. He is kind of a 1950- 60’s character.