My speakers (Genelec 8040A)

High resolution version (1280x820)

Rendered using Yafray and arealights. Texts are photographed (4 photos total), then made black and white maps and used as additive color on the material. The net in front of the elements is a combination of alpha- bump- and specmaps. Some minor color correction done in gimp afterwards.

Nifty speakers you got there! ^^

Very nice modeling!


Great job! Those look a lot harder to model than the ones I’ve been working on. I was thinking of doing something similar for the screened part of my speakers. Glad to see it works so well! Also, I really like the silver material you used. I’ve been thinking about using Yafray’s conetracer because noisy reflections can look weird, but it looks like you may have done something simpler to get that really great effect. Mind sharing?:slight_smile:

could you include something for scale?
i found this:
which is not the scale that those appear to me to be.

that, and how did you end up with such nice speakers?

The material is actually more a lighting trick than the material itself. Here are my settings:
There is also a slight bump, a very slight specmap to give it some glitter and also a very blurred image mapped to object’s reflection vector and used to add color for only value of 0.080. (I’m not sure what that does exactly, but it seemed to work :D). Lighting is 3 big area lights plus one spot as an extra fill.

If you look a little closer you notice that it isn’t the same model at all. The speaker in you picture is model 8020, and my speaker is 8040 which is considerably bigger (there is also 8030 in between). Including something for scale is a good idea, have to remember that in the future.

I’m a huge music lover, so I bought the nicest pair of speakers I could afford. I really love the Genelec sound, and active speakers with some bass level controls are also easy to set up correctly in a small room. As for modelling them, it was actually a semi-commercial project (didn’t get paid though). A local advertisement agency is trying to get Genelec as a customer, so they needed something that other’s couldn’t offer, so I made them this Quicktime VR: