My squirrel has a neck problem. Ouch...

Is it a disjointed neck joint, or just excess fat? Well, it looks more like excess fat, but cough anyway
If you rotate the neck bone, you’ll notic that the squirrel’s neck deforms relatively nicely, except the shape key kind of “jumps” at -15.6 degrees. Pretty self-explanetory. So uh… help?
Oh right. Nearly forgot two things.

  1. Link! Gotta have it! I trust you’re smart enough to figure out how to download the file…
  2. Please give credit if you use this file. Thanks!
    Ahem. Well, I think that’s it! Thanks!

EDIT: Please forgive me for not understanding the meaning of the Creative Commons License. My bad.

I’m stumped… it SHOULD be working fine…

check weight painting…, i’ll not fix it because you have forbidden derivate works… :wink:

Oops! Sorry Cyborg! I’m just touchy about my files. I won’t do it again.
Edit: OK. I got it. Thanks guys. Fixed it.