My squirrel is invisible!!!


I’m a video guy - not an animation guy. I figured out how to do camera tracking last night and am now at the point where I need to add a squirrel to the live action scene. So I appended all the squirrel parts (mesh, armature, textures, etc.) from a Blend Swap file and everything looked great… until I rendered it. Then my squirrel became invisible. The cube I put in there renders fine and is right next to the squirrel. They both look fine in every view but rendered. When I put the squirrel in between the camera and cube, I see a squirrel shaped cut-out in the cube.

Would someone please direct me to the magic button that fixes this?


Would you care to post your blend file so we can help?

if you can’t post here because of moderation constraints on your first 10 posts, post it to, post the URL here and we will look at it for you. It is impossible to tell what might be wrong from what you have told us.

Cheers, Clock.