my stab at diffraction (cd rainbow effect)

I was playing around with chris burt’s cd example for the new radial blend textures of 2.4. but wasnt completely satisfied with the way the colors looked on the cd. the rainbow that we see is a phonomenom known as diffraction. and instead of a radial rainbow patern there are actually anisotrophic highlights of every color of the spectrum that spread out from the middle rather than next to eachother. there is no anisotrophic shader currently for blender but i was able to play around with the cd for several hours and came up with the below pictures.
i think the biggest thing about this was using a ramp specual shader which i made move through the entire spectrum several times
credit for the cd model goes to chris burt and i would also like to thank him for this great addition to blender.

the original thread about radial blends is here
i’ll have a blend file up soon.

Whoa, very cool! maybe a bit of silver in there would make it look real :wink:

did an animation with physics on the cd
also does anyone know a place where i can upload a blend file or a zip file so i can upload the blend file.
the label is part of a friends website taht i do the animations and special effects for