My Star

Since I’ll never have one in real life… :slight_smile:


1st of all, it’s a great job!

Everything looks great.

But if you want it to really shine, I would suggest working on the material, the lighting and the rendering a bit more

Thnx :slight_smile: I know I still need to work on it. Here’s an update. I changed the gold texture, moved the lights a little, and worked on the pinkish texture in the star (got rid of the obvious tiling);

Nice work!

IMHO you should try to make the start looks more like if it was higher than the ground because the way it is its almost invisible. maybe you dont want it to be salient (something like that)


Wow, I like it.

Can I see a wire?

Yeah, it looks like it’s flush with the ground, I think that’s the lighting, or I’ll just have to make the star taller. The border around the star, the border around the circle, and the camera symbol are all taller than the rest of the star, but it’s kinda hard to tell.

Here’s a wire;

thnx for the feedback BTW :slight_smile: