My Starfish

here :smiley:
and here

good, though you could put it in a real environement. ok like the first picture, you cold let us feel the startfish is stick to the glass of an aquarium. also it definetly need an nor map!

Starfish material has nor map. :o
This starfish is part of my unfinish contest picture on

Starfish are a little bumpy so it could use a nor map to bring out realism. It’s real as it is right now though :slight_smile:

o.k. I will try it :slight_smile:

I can’t errase this <<< message

Nor test here[/img]

Now he see the bump because of the shadow.
after that, isn’t the leg a bit too thicker?
ok the shape is a bit distorded? i don’t knwo. it’s a feeling.

final scene with this starfish