My start of an FPS

I’ve never really branched out too far into other game types, so I decided to put some time into a basic FPS.

here it the main gun

I have gotten a lot of practice modeling angular stuff on a school project, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it (it is 650 polys)

Thanks for any thoughts


edit: I have no idea how to texture this properly so as of right now it is grey

Hi Fred, it looks great. I made a tutorial on texturing mechanical or environmental objects here:
It shows texture painting and also high poly mesh baking.

I think for guns the first method would work well.

A great library I’ve used many times is You’re limited to 15 downloads a day, but they have a lot.

Don’t forget to use edge split. And if you’re using subsurf, creasewhat you need so you don’t create unmanageable loops.

If you are aiming at “real life” weapons you can just use a good picture of them and unwrap from view. It is very fast and effective way.
Or you can start exploring how good weapon textures are made with this file.
The model is 1600polys. I render the image in Cycles.


Handgun_Game_Blender Gamer Engine.blend (1.61 MB)

Thanks for all of the help, I want to spend time with these techniques later, with simpler models. Here is the current version, I used normal maps and materials to texture it then baked it and added some grunge.

I’ve been having troubles with photoshop (something about my license may have run out…)

I definitely want to study these other methods. Also, I am not going for a realistic game.

Also I did use edge splits.