My starting tries

As a matter of fact this is my 3rd sculpting experience, While a hand and a raw mythic character were two previous, this is a bit more serious. I almost have no regular experience and what have done is by myself and a great help from “Michalis”, a Greece friend .
I wish to know how may I re-topo it, texture and add hairs to it. it would be great if one shares a pdf or video apart from youtube ( as I may not be able to download from it)


You’re off to a good start. I’ll keep an eye on your progress :slight_smile:
Would be nice to see more of the neck of the model.
Also you could easily setup lighting similar to your reference in cycles, that should really demonstrate if you’re spot on.

As for retopo in blender, the basics are straight forward:
create a new object (a plane would work) and switch to Edit mode
enable snapping;
element: faces;
finally enable “Project individual elements on the surface of other objects”

Now if you move the vertices of the newly created object they’ll snap to the surface of the your sculpt.

Thanx for all kind words, time you are spending and this descriptive demonstration. Will give it a try tonight :).

Two more views.