my stationery items

Well this is my first serious Blender Project which I have completed.
After taking all those tutorials I decided to model things around me…especially those which I use in my daily life…I am really thankfull to the Tufts University’s Opencourseware…4 months ago I didnt knew even the C of C.G…but now I am here posting my first thread in this section…I have been a close follower of all threads in different sections of this forum…and really admire the critiques of members which are quite focused…

well about my project:It is completely done in Blender.The textures have been made in Fireworks…Please comment on my work and help me improve…
(PS:if people can suggest me some good texturing tutes it wud be quite helpful…)

That’s pretty good for one of your first non-tutorial models. It shows that you have learnt some stuff as you’ve worked through the tutes. In fact, it’s better that some of the things posted by a few long-time blender users.

Well done, keep blending.

I won’t mention any names, but yeah, this is so, so true.

I particularly like the car pencil case. It’s good that you grasped hard surface subsurf modeling so early. The pens could use a little work, though.

thnxx AndyD…thnxx Alden…well the car pencil case was the one model I spent most time on:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:…