My Stepehen Colbert Challenge Entry

Hi, This is my Stephen Colbert Report Green Screen Challenge.

For those of you who are not familar with this show, Stephen put out a challenge to the audience to take his footage of him in front of a greenscreen, and turn it into a “Star Wars” type episode.
I decided, that since Stephen is “ultimate conservative right winger”, what better way to him show in his conservative nature than by having him save the Bush White House from illegal “Aliens”. Aliens from SEXAT -IH… well, see if you can figure it out.

Please drop me a response below and let know what you think of it.
My Green Screen Challenge 10 meg QuickTime, this is larger than YouTube

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Very Nice!
Ill be looking for this one, I have it set to record on my DVR. Only crit would be that it shouldnt have been to hard to get a better green screen effect on this, as in get rid of the halo. One way to fix this (in after effects anyways) is to add a Hue and Saturation effect, and modify the greens to match the color the background would likely reflect. You could probobly do the same thing with blender nodes.

Edit: After watching the youtube version, its much harder to make out the green outline, so I guess it shouldnt matter to much.

Good luck.

I saw it and commented. Good job.

Thanks. It’s much appreciated.

BlueSteel - I had a heck of a time with the Green Screen keying, in fact I could write a book on everything that went wrong. I used Premier pro for the keying becuse I couldn’t get the Blender Keying nodes to work and I didn’t want to loose more time, so I went with Premier. The Saber sword effect somehow got degraded on the final render but I was affraid that if I took much longer completing the projrct, the Colbert Report people might stop showing the videos, so I went with what I had. Hopefully the generla public doesn’t notice these things.

You Rock, Dude!

Thank You. I’m glad you liked it.

I think the animation you did on the saucers is terrific!

The background could have been blended in better some how though, it looked a little too fake.

Thanks Roja,

This was my first composite and keying animation. I learned a lot doing it so on the next time I do one it should be more professional looking.

BTW: to you and anyone reading this post, did you figure out what the names on the alien ships means?