my strong bad WIP

hey all,

a lot of people know strong bad, so wont be surpirsed if someone knows him here at elysiun.

but anywoo, here he is. im giving a model and a toon shaded one (not right, since i dont know too much bout toon.) still have to UV map the face.

C&C is welcome, and when im done and everything looks right, im gonna submit it to the site as fan art :P.


hehe, not bad.

There really should not be any feathering/dithering between the red and black on his head though… Looking good! Keep working on the textures, the model looks good!

small update of textures


got another update with a uvmapped face.

now all i got to do is get the shaders don, and im sending it in to the site to see if it gets posted :smiley:


hey again.

not many responces. i bet all the attention is to ecks and alltakens speed modeling competition.

this is about finished, ill wait for some more c&c before i send it in to the website.