My Students work...

As some of you may know I am teaching a basic blender class online and have not been around much. I promised all my students who do their work a surprise at the end. This surprise is this community…

So without further delay here is one of my students final peices…

Make this a very good experience, comment on it as much as you want as i will relay all comments untill end of class on the 12th of march. I will post more students work as they upload it.

On the 12th I am giving them a link to this page and telling them to get an account and look why…

Before I begin let me add my obligitory statement that this is way better then anything I can do.

With that out of the way – The following areas strike me right off the bat:

  1. Too many stars
  2. The lighting is wrong. There are two lampposts in the scene yet on the wall with the poster there are two points where the light hits the wall.
  3. The water(?) needs more work.
  4. The retaining wall needs some joint compound because you can see
    the seperate blocks.

Althiom, the picker of nits

the modeling is alright, looks quite good the entire seen (not goin into the details) is quite good.


  1. tooooooooo many stars
  2. the closest lampost to the camera, the bottom of it isn’t smoothed
  3. the futher away lampost doesn’t have a light, so y is there light around it???
  4. the road is a bit strange, needs a better texture.

not bad overall


thanks for comments on this students work, and keep in mind they learned basics of the basics. Like I didn’t teach the dynamic engines IE the stars. So that was all him fooling around. I am relaying these to him as my own suggestions and later he will find out. :smiley:

Very nice job, especially if this is basic work!

The extreme angle is disconcerting, kind of reminds me of the angles from the ‘Batman’ TV show from the 60’s :smiley:

I’m not sure if the angle of the grass in the background makes sense, perhaps because it is level with the horizon while the rest is scewed.

I suppse it could make sense, but it looks a bit odd to me.

good job

The angle of the shot is all wrong, there are no horizontal or vertical lines. I’ve taken photography courses and this is strongly discouraged. The horizon in the top left is just too empty, there should be something there. Too many stars. The modelling is good, composition bad.

A good promising start.

Could do with one or two area lights to remove the harshness of the spots.

The wood texture on the benches needs to be scaled. In material buttons, texture settings for x,y,z should be increased to higher values.

The hexagonal tiles need a subtle bump texture, possibly just needs a low effect noise Nor texture. Similar to that of the road but not as pronounced. Maybe one or two cracks too, it looks a bit too brand new.

More litter. Maybe add more buildings in the open section towards the back left of the scene, and just leave a small amount of sky visible.

This is a really good scene so far and with a few tweaks will look excellent.

The texture on the road is perfect, even looks as though the moonlight is being reflected.


Nice job. Yeah, most of the materials are pretty shiny. You might slip off the benches if you sat on them, but I definitely like the curved shape. Good detail on the bolts there and on the pieces of trash, I’d add some more. The far lamp looks good, but it would be great to have a closeup from the other side, it’s hard to see.

Car headlights, right?

Well he reply’de to the first two comments and said the poster on the wall is a mech’s leg in an animation program and the piece of paper is the fantastic four. I kinda saw the fantastic four but not the other.

He said he knows the lamps need work and such but said he likes water on ground, which I do too.

And by the way most of you are replying it sounds like you think this is my work but no, only my students final “paper” in a scence. As this is his first big thing in blender. But yea, very good job i would say, I don’t mind composition but to let you all know I gave him 94 out of 100 as his grade, should I go higher?