My stuff has disappeared! PLEASE HELP ASAP! Today would be helpful, without it I might fail my class

I need help, my items are not showing up on my page, I have gone through and checked to make sure everything is unhidden and it is, it also says that all of the items that I put in are still there. this is what I see. please give feedback on how I can fix this, there is supposed to be a barn, windmill, and other items in the view, again everything is unhidden and selectable, it’s just like it disappeared.

Have you checked your layers?

I have, It doesn’t change anything, the layers I have in there are for characters and such, I have checked the other layers though with no improvement.

Sorry it has been a while since i’ve used 2.79. What about the “Scene 2” tab and “advanced animation” at the top?

Have you checked the object properties for those items?

yes, I have, I checked scene 1 and 3 as well and it is the same in those as well, I tried all the different properties but it still shows the same thing.

and you don’t have to apologize, this is for one of my high school classes and I am taking the class online due to how bad the world is right now, the teacher for the class is also teaching like 5+ other classes (all different kinds of classes) and this is his first year working with blender so he’s learning right along with the rest of us. I’m just glad I found this site and im grateful for the help.

maybe share your file:

Maybe you are in local view?
Try the “/” to toggle in and out of it

Try File > Recover Auto Save.
Or File > Recover Last Session.

Or in windows explorer:
C:\tmp <–where my renders are saved. There’s also a quit.blend file.
Or C:\Users\stand\AppData\Local\Temp\ <–same as Recover Auto Save from above, at least for me.

Or, if it was saved on a cloud, you can check for previous version. I know dropbox can do this when you login on their website.

Good luck.

Also, Blender 2.79 saves autosave files. They’re saved in the same location as your blend file, but they’re named YourFileName.blend1, YourFileName.blend2, etc.
Just move the number in the file name to before the period and open it in blender and hopefully you find a previous version with all your stuff back to normal.