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(Dianoga) #1

Well I am new to these forums and have seen many awesome pics and models and animations by alot of you guys and am amazed. I have been using Blender for a while now but haven’t tried doing any character modeling yet. The pics i have made here are mostly models that i made based on weapons, vehicles or rovers as they call them in the game, or buildings and turrets from a game called 10six. I am not great with textures as you will see :slight_smile: but that will come with time, practice and tutorials.
A Nerve Center

A Gnat with an ER22 gun on its back

A Blaster Turret

A Pheonix (weapon)

A Heavy Well

A Behemoth rover

A pic with a couple of different rovers to pay tribute to the game 10six which recently shut down in the past couple of months. :frowning:

I have done a few more but this post is getting kind of long heh. :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #2

Nice work!
That make me think of my old lego… :slight_smile:
Just curious…How did you make your laser??

(@ce) #3

Excellent job!!

one thing tho…I’de work a bit on your lighting…
I know it’s one of the most difficult thingd to get completely righ, but with good lighting, you get even more amzing results.

again Nice job!

(CurtisS) #4

Yes, the lighting needs work. The clue is that the shadows are inconsistent or don’t exist at all. Also work on your materials as they look stretched in certain places (like the planet surfaces).
Good start but keep at it!

(Dianoga) #5

Yea I do need work with lighting and texturing heh, if anyone can point me to any good tutorials on either it would be much appreciated :smiley: Thanks for the comments guys. :wink: