MY SUPER PC | How To Build A PC - A Computer Building Guide

MY SUPER PC | How To Build A PC - A Computer Building Guide
by Rob Williams

I came across this site the other day and wanted to share the link. It contains good information for those looking to build or buy a new PC. The prices listed are in U.S. dollars, but those of you in other countries probablly already know where to get the best deals.

Be sure to scroll towards the bottom of the first page to see all the topics. The Assemble link takes you through the building process.


awesome thanks, i wasnt planning on building one, but that looks like it would help you build your own. (of course i wouldn’t use windows lol, i would just build one for linux)

No problem Alfred Indamine. I’ve been using Debian for about 10 months now. I picked Debian to learn, and I’ve enjoyed the learning process. Endless possibilities. I just bought my wife a sweet HP laptop (desktop replacement), and I’m looking at moving entirely to Linux.

My PC is almost 5 years old now. I built it in September of 2001. It was the first PC I ever built. I did everything except install the processor. The guy at the store scared me a bit and I didn’t want to risk damaging anything.

Anyway I’m somewhat in the market again, and needed to refresh my knowledge and came across the article above.

yeah, i have wanted to use linux now for a while, but i doubt i will be getting a new computer for a while, (i just got my imac g5 last year)

so can you tell me what the user experience is like compared to mac?
it seems like you have to use ethe terminal a lot, or mabe thats just one of my ideas that probably isnt true about linux

i know that windows ppl like it a lot because it doesnt get viruses, its free, customizable, and i understand that and everything

i just want to know how it stacks up against osx

thanks :):slight_smile:

Looks to me like he’s just whoring for about a million different companies under the guise of an informational page.

I have always built my own PC. I never bought a pre-made package. It was easy, until recently, because there used to be a computer show every month in my town. It was a plethora of everything you wanted or needed to build a computer.

Now I have to get most of my supplies online.

I wrote a smaller article on this myself. Check it out here:

Hope it helps.