my gift to dad for father’s day… :slight_smile: he loved it so much… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: made it with blender 2.67 and rendered in cycles…
It didn’t took much time to make this one as the girl was already ready from my another art work “My RiDe” challenging part was to make my dad :eek: But i did it :yes: …

high res :



Amazing work! Love it!


Hi, it’s fantastic and cool feeling.
how much worked on it?


Yeah, another great one. Good job!

Very nice work!


Astounding work, Nita! Looking at the other image, your character seems very well designed indeed.
The lighting used in the scene supports the warmth and feeling of closeness the characters bring to the scene, and the colors used are wonderful! The image is very colorful without becoming oversaturated.
Of course the modeling is very well done and interesting to behold.
I’m sure your father was very happy to receive such a gift!

Impressive. Love every bit of it

Excellent work again Nita, loved it.

-Bhavin Solanki

As always.

good work,i hope i can do something like that one day…

Fantastic work! I would love to know how many samples you had (progressive or non-progressive) and how long it took to render. I assume it’s CPU because of the hair strands? Anyway, looks great, I love the extra touch with the frame and post-it.

very good!
I dig other works of yours from your site too

wah wah … lv it duks… keep it up …

The style of the people reminds me of Wreck-It-Ralph.

Amazing work. A really heart-warming scene.

beautiful work, good design and dynamic gesture of your dad.
I think the purple closet(?) is a bit disturbing with the composition. maybe moving it a bit to the left and/or the characters to the right can make better framing for the 2 characters silhouette in the image.
I think in My Ride you actually achieved really good composition and much more complex as well

Great work. Congratulations!

This is really nice!

Another beautiful pic Nita. Brought a tear to my eye remembering doing the same thing with my daughters.
And for that reason alone, no amount of technical critique can take away from how good it is.

Colours, shading, models, and… well… everything looks really great :slight_smile: Dad’s mustache disappears into hit mouth a bit, being so dark.
Good job :slight_smile: