My take on cloth animation - Envelope Armor

This is my first tutorial, so please bear with me.

Since blender has no cloth simulator per se, I’ve been experimenting with other methods of cloth animation. While messing with armatures, I got an idea. Human clothing is cylindrical most of the time, so I constructed an armature following that. Automatic IK solving works for most of the armature, and unparenting certain bones gives you even more freedom with it.

I’m not very good at explaining these things, so I’ll just post various angles, and the blend files. I hope this method can be useful to other Blenderers! I developed this less than an hour ago, and I will update this thread if I discover anything else.

Test render:

that is pretty awesome. I like it, but I know almost nothing about cloth simulation in the first place

Acutally Blender can do cloth simulations via Softbodies, but that is also another way you could simulate cloth, not bad though.

It’s also very controllable as well when you think about it - but very laborious should you want to animate it for a great length of time.

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Smoky_Joe, that’s a great way of animating clothes! But now, we have the softbody which handles that kind of thing.
You’re brilliant anyway, you know :wink:

Amen Charlesworth…
And congrats smoky_joe, that is an extremely original way to animate cloth, and useful too. Though as above mentioned, probably tedious for long animation