My Tank Army

Hi! This tank army I made it with Blender 2.71.

***Thinks I need to admit…

  • In the first scene we see a little “glitch” in the left.
  • In the last scenes where you see all the tanks are firing, should have added a recoil effect in each tank.
  • I should have added a smoke effect in each barrel but because the power of my computer and I refused to wait weeks for a bit, so i do not added smoke.

I hope you enjoy.

Amazing how much work it takes, doesn’t it? You can work a long time on something like this and still wish you had done that “something” extra! It’s all worth it though. Just remember these things for the next go!

Thanks for your feedback! Let’s go see… In totally the tank takes me some hours, making everything for the video have takes me 1 week, all the render was really quick, left than 1 day.

I like the fireballs. What are they shooting at? It looked like they were shooting at the forest.

They are shooting at invisible tanks :eyebrowlift:

Actually they are don’t shooting at anything. But Im thinking in use one for a future video where I will destroy something, oh yeah… I like the Rigid Body System bro!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :cool:

I wanted them low poly because I modeled them for my android game Hail of Gunfire.

There’s no reason for all that detail if the tank is quarter of an inch.

Oh, ok now makes sense xD

I will try your game, but not soon because I’m changing home and I don’t have Wi-Fi for my smartphone.