My Tank, .Blend Files and .PSD files

hey guys.

-------edit here is the pic with as far as i got on it-----

i will never have time to complete the texturing of this tank, or putting it into a scene. university is starting again which means that another 6 months later i will have more time, but thats to long LOL

so my tank is now going open source, i have UV mapped the body of it (the hardest part to UV map) and i have included a photoshop file that has the UV mapping as a template over a camo colour. this will make it easier for anyone wanting to texture it by hand.

if people UV map other areas of the tank, then it would be awsome if those alterations could be uploaded so that other people don’t need to re-do work on it.

i have two files for download.

the first is 2 Mb and is ONLY THE .BLEND FILE. if you download this file note that the aspect ratio of the UV mapped image is 2:1 (so 2xlong 1xhigh)

the second file is 6 Mb and contains BOTH THE .BLEND AND THE .PSD

the files are .zip but they use BZ2 compression so i don’t know if that is standard or not. i used “7z” the windows version to compress it.

anyway here are the files, if you plan on using the PSD image then please downlaod the second one only, rather than downloading the first and the second 9saves me 2Mb bandwidht each time.

.Blend 2Mb

.Blend + .PSD 6Mb

also if you do anything with the file please show me, and post any pics you have created with it and such :smiley:

i want to see :wink:


hey that is very generous of you :o .
you should post a render of the latest progress along with this thread. i remember it was pretty great stuff, too bad you cant finish it but i’m sure for every one project all of us finish there are five that never made it out of the begining stages.
:smiley: but definately post a photo it was pretty sweet work! :smiley:

Wow, thanx :smiley: It is very very generous, lol. Maybe I will give it a shot at texturing :wink:

ok done.


I unzipped it…but it said there was nothing to unzip…unpack…w/e lol. I downloaded the larger version with the PSD files.

try downloading and using that, i have use ultimate-unzip, and a whole pile of other ones, but this one was the least intrusive, its open source and pretty good.

i seem to be able to unzip everything at home here, but that could be because i am using that software (which i made it with)

its just i get about 20% smaller files with it. hence i use it.


but nobody can unzip them. :frowning:


well i replaced the first one so that will work now

the second one will be unzippable by 7z it contains the PSD file.

anyway i will replace the others too.


Winzip & Winrar could not decompress them.
7z did it :smiley:

7z e *.zip 

and thank you for sharing

Thank you for your genereosity :smiley:
No problem extracting it using 7z.

btw: great work :wink:

Alltaken, I hate to say it, but 7-zip doesn’t have a very good compression rate unless it’s the .7z standard. For example, I just compressed the blend with WinRAR and it went from the 7z’s zip (2,068 Kb) to WinRAR’s 1,164Kb =P

Anyway, thanks for opening up the blend, I was shocked by the detail and overall coolness of the tank, very well designed =) Thanx!

Rename to zip.bz2 maybe…

Anyhoots, sounds excellent. If I ever get around to finishing all my other piling prjects and ideas maybe I’ll shade this son of gun.

yeah with the 7z format it went to 1,229 Kb

but i was trying to keep it ZIP, which kinda failed LOL, windowsXP seems to open it fine here, but perhaps 7z has altered WinXP’s standard unzipping software.